Content marketing rests firmly in the center of digital marketing. Once you’ve created content you need to get it in front of your audience or multiple audiences. Ask yourself, how many ways can I package, distribute and reuse this content to make the value stretch as far and wide as possible?

Let’s use a simple blog post or an article as our example. I believe that the very best practice is to always, always, always place your content on your own website and drive traffic back to your own domain. Think about it, if you post copy, videos, images – content on social profiles only, or they reside only in an email marketing campaign hosted by a 3rd party, you’re losing a tremendous amount of SEO value and opportunities to move users to additional content and Calls to Action (CTAs).

Email Marketing

The average open rate (the number of people opening your email) for email newsletters is between 20 and 30%. The average click-through rate (CTR) is between 5% and 12%. Let’s do the math.

2,540 people on your email list

26% open rate = 660 people consuming your content

11% CTR = 72 people drilling down deeper into your content, presenting OPPORTUNITY

Always remember that organic search will be a top driver of traffic to your website. When you spend time and resources developing content you should always have a strategy for how the content will be integrated into your website and shared from there. Think of your site as your content home base, you want to drive people back to your home base.

Keep at it, and remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.