I no longer think about life or my career choices in terms of “giant leaps” when I decide to make a move or change things up. To be honest, I feel my stress level ticking up just thinking about a giant leap. Sure, there have been bold, audacious moves in my past: divorce, leaving a steady paycheck to follow my gut… but I’ve learned how to make continuous forward progress so that every day I am moving in the right direction.

I tend to take bold action more than the average person. Sometimes it’s utterly amazing and other times I fall flat on my tuckus. When the peaks are high, I have the energy to match and I soar. The soaring highs energize multiple parts of my life. Then I find myself slump into a low and it’s really easy to surrender to the funk and totally lose steam. But isn’t that life for us all? The key is to keep rolling with it. The magic happens when you pick yourself back up over and over again and learn each and every time.

One of the most powerful commitments I’ve made in the past year has been to live my best life, physically, emotionally, professionally and spiritually.

Hillary Dow
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While each of these areas requires commitment and continuous action, one primary focus has been to transition my professional life to self-employment. You see, about one month ago I had my last day working as a full-time employee for someone else — ever. Do I know that “ever” will materialize with 100% certainty? No, but I believe it is the truth. I feel it in my bones. Besides, do we ever know anything with 100% certainty?

I am choosing to live a life that fills up my cup, a life that energizes me so much I jump out of bed at 3:50 thinking, let’s get to it! As important as it is to be personally fulfilled, my career is evolving into owning a business that will allow me to work with aspiring marketers, helping them succeed and grow into the headlining rockstars of their own lives!

Here’s to taking bold, thoughtful, and responsible action allowing you to live your very best life and absolutely crush it while you Rock your journey.

I am launching my coaching business with a Marketing Coaching Membership, filled with live group coaching sessions, worksheets, how-to videos, and more.

If you are a marketing department of one and you’re ready to rock YOUR journey, click on that link and check it out. I dare you!