Our family suffered a great loss this week, my husband’s grandfather passed away. Marty was an amazing person, always a twinkle in his eye and love for those around him. At ninety years old, may we all be so fortunate to live a long life that will be remembered through everyone and everything we’ve influenced and impacted over the years.

Not everyone is fortunate in the ways Adam and his siblings were, living near their grandparents. My siblings and I shared this same fortune. There’s just something about the Greatest Generation that we can’t help but cherish forever.

Listening to Adam regale stories of learning how to pitch a fastball, with Gramp (age 60+) catching for him while he drilled in one 60 MPH pitch after another, learning how to hunt, how to fish, how to play golf, how to catch a wicked afternoon snooze on the back porch. We raised bottles of Miller Highlife and sipped the Champaign of Beers in his honor, always to be remembered with love and grace.

Over the nine years that Adam and I have been together Marty and Phyllis have become Gram and Gramp to me as well.

Forever in our hearts and never forgotten.

Martin William Dow Sr.