When you’re logged into your Facebook Business Page, if you’ve tried to click the like button on another business page you’ve likely run into trouble. There are a couple extra quick clicks you need to make in order to like a page as a Business Page.

To walk you through the steps I am going to use Oprah’s page because she is someone I admire and look up to. She’s awesome!

Step 1

Visit the page you wish to like. You do have to click into the page itself, you will not be able to like it as a Business Page from the initial pop-up displaying the Like button. If you click that button you are liking the page as your personal Facebook page.

Step 2

Click the three dot button under the cover image.

Facebook Business page 1

Step 3

Click “Like as Your Page”

Facebook Business page

Step 4

Select the page you wish to like this page as from the drop-down menu provided. Then click submit.

Facebook Business page 3

That’s it! You’ve now liked a page as your Facebook Business Page.

Not only does this show the business that you’re a fan, but every little bit of engagement on their page also adds up to boost overall performance and relevancy. Plus, doesn’t it feel good to like and be liked by others?

Putting in even a little bit of time on a regular basis – that’s how you get in the game with social media marketing!