A few months ago I shifted my work schedule to part-time employment. For the first time since Eva began Kindergarten, I had the luxury, pleasure, and purpose of seeing her off to school on the bus. It seems so simple. She boarded the big, happy, yellow bus right in front of our home three days a week. As of this Monday, she now catches the bus from home all five days throughout the school week. She and I couldn’t be happier.

Life Design For Motherhood

No, she did not catch her shadow, no matter how many times she tried. The most awesome part (for me)? I was next to her to watch in wonder as her curiosity and determination took her up and down the driveway.

Seeking greater purpose, challenge, and fulfillment in my work and my life, I’ve reentered the full-time adventure of self-employment. I couldn’t be happier!

Presently I have three tiers to my work: local marketing consulting, online marketing coaching and Binding Tales. All of these amazing focus areas keep me energized, grounded, contributing, and most importantly, I am available to be fully present for my family with more TIME and energy.

The exceptional byproduct of pouring more of your time and energy into the things and people you love most of all? You and the energy you create are more positive, more productive, more intentional, and more meaningful. At least, that’s how it’s shaking out in my corner of the universe.

As each day ticks by in this one precious life, I am content and proud to be living out loud. I am living a life that my children and my husband admire, a life I myself am extremely proud of. Look out, the future is bright!

May we all find the peace and courage to live our very best lives.

Next onto that happy yellow school bus will be our little man, Tyler. #Family #Purpose